And so it begins…..

Imagine, years ago a conversation about leaving your nice secure job, buying a business, uprooting your children and leaving your family and the only town you’ve ever known behind…. That’s what I suggested to my husband a 40something Italian Virgo. Never in a million years did I think he’d say yes; here we are a few breaths later. Moving dayWe have made the transition to living in Elizabeth Illinois, raising our two boys and now planning the transition of our newest addition. WOW what a long strange trip its been. This feels like the culmination of effort, intention and grace & ease. We said YES on a road trip home from Indiana University after hearing that hubby was healthy and would live a long life.

It is amazing what a little life shock will do for you. I truly believed that is what pushed him over the threshold of fear and what if… You can sit back for fifty years and plan for the worst thing, wait for the perfect moment and just stay in the status quo. He and I grew up very differently of course, he was told you get a good job and hold on to it. Growing within the company/program for 29 years. I on the other hand have been more like a butterfly, trying out a lot of different jobs and career options. When we met our worlds were forever changed for the better.

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