Christmas time such a busy sweet time!

December started off lovely for us this year, knowing we had an active but mostly home based Christmas season ahead of us we were able to do some really fun things. We started off with Christmas in the Village in Elizabeth which I hadn’t done in 8 years. What a fun weekend. There was a trolley to get you around town.

From the  Train Museum  where we saw Santa blog xmas the Trolley would take you up to the Apple River Fort

or on up to Main St. for Hot Chocolate, Gingerbread house decoratingblog xmas 0



and story time with Mrs. Claus and her elves.

The kick off to Christmas in the village was The lighting of the Christmas tree and caroling, it was a chilly night which made it feel even more festive to bundle up and wander with friends and neighbors spreading good cheer and being so very grateful to be living here in this wonderful community.

Christmas in the Village, Caroling and lighting of the tree!

After Christmas kicks off we can’t hold the kids off to long before we head into Stockton to Fritz’s The kids love going to Fritz’s any time of year but this year Christmas was especially fun, we got to see how big the rest of the family went and one of us was particularly sad that we wouldn’t have the biggest tree in the family (note the one pouting in the back ground). Paul Fritz helped up recover our good time when he introduced the boys to the wreath toss. OH my there faces lit up when they heard about it and then when they finally made it, the happy dance was contagious. So much fun, some giggles and some tears sounds about spot on for the holidays.

So fun for boys to get to throw things! Anything really….
blog xmas 1
Smiling again by the end! 




Come on Ry you can do it!


Cookie baking is a must for us, I kept it pretty simple when the boys were much younger but they have been playing in the kitchen for a while now and love it. As a more control type person I do my best to let them play and create and then I let them help with clean up. The big one got his own waffle maker for Christmas this year and he and Dad have a had a ton of fun trying out new recipes. He keeps asking for chocolate chips we shall see…. We hope your family had a wonderful Holiday season and we wish you a healthy and happy 2018 full of fun, travel and togethernes


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