Fall fun in tne JDC

I am one of those people who enjoys the changes in the fall, putting on layers, having bonfires, eating fall foods…. Kevin has never been out in JoDaviess county much after golf season closes so watching him experience the changes was my favorite part of this fall.

The colors were dynamic this year and seemed to last right up until the snow flew. If you haven’t been here in the fall come see, smell and experience it for yourself.. Get your accommodations early they do book up fast.

Annual Family Pic! Say apple spice donut!!!
So hard to choose just one pumpkin, and yes you have to carry it yourself. 


I really get to LAUNCH this thing? 

The JDC has a new fall gem to be experienced year after year. Dittmar farms http://www.dittmarfarms.com/ is a fantastic new pumpkin farm and orchard located outside of Elizabeth, complete with hay wagon rides, animals to touch, gourd launching YES gourd launching! A corn maze, apple cider and my family’s favorite doughnuts…. we had a fantastic day out with some friends experiencing this years new features, picking our pumpkins and enjoying the views.

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